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באנר מרכז אומנויות

Shavim arts center - an employment initiative for arts and crafts lovers


The arts center was founded as part of our training initiatives to expand the variety of employment solutions for people with mental illness. This is a unique program that provides occupational training for anyone with an inclination and desire to work with arts and crafts during the day, where the arts and crafts are a vocational precursor to employment in the free market.  The arts center also offers hobby and recreation workshops for the general public in the afternoons. The workshop management concept enables you to participate as a regular instructor/guide.

Arts center - everything you want to know

Who the program is for - The arts center program operates according to an integrated model of a sheltered workshop and a job club, and it is intended for people with mental illness who are eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services who are suited to working in a sheltered workshop or a job club. Highly funcitoning people with mental illness who are interested in a short-term training process in order to later progress to the free market can also participate. Work at the center will be divided according to a multi-stage model, to enable an employment solution for all the people with mental illness with different and diverse functioning capabilities.


How it works - The studio where the arts center is will be open five days a week in two shifts, and it will function as an employment center for around 20 rehab patients throughout the day. The workshops that are conducted at the center teach old and new techniques, hands-on practice, working with different materials, and creating beautiful and useful items. The center will offer workshops, such as: upcycling (paper baskets, ceramics mosaics, wood), ceramics, drawing and painting, soft designs (embroidery, knitting, felt, etc.).  


The rehabilitation process - The rehabilitation guidance in the workshops will be conducted according to a standard of a classic sheltered workshop and with the guidance of a professional staff that includes a guide and a rehabilitation coordinator. The rehabilitation coordinator will be present at the center for two full days a week on a regular basis, during which time various rehabilitation processess will take place, such as: talks with the rehab patients, preparing rehabilitation plans, following up on occupational development, and more.

Apprentice rehab patients will be given a rehabilitation allowance of around 25 NIS per day of training + travel expenses. Artist rehab patients will be given a rehabilitation allowance of an adjusted minimum wage + travel expenses.


Joint management of the place 

The arts center will also include a shop that sells the items that are made there to the general public. This is in addition to the sales stand that will sell the items made there, which will be set up for each workshop. The center’s management concept will focus on including and integrating the rehabilitating artists who will fill positions such as assistants, workshop teachers, salespeople in the shop and at the sales stands at the workshops, inventory and logistics coordinators, and more.

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