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רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

We have a variety
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תמונת פועל-מבוגר
An older employee at Shavim NGO’s sheltered workshop

Employment solutions for people with a psychiatric disability is Shavim NGO’s expertise.

Shavim offers employment solutions to people with a disability, psychiatric problems, and special needs. The rehabilitation basket of services people offered to people with a psychiatric disability includes professional occupational rehabilitation in various placement options that are suited to the applicant.


Employment is much more than a source of income. Employment fills you with content, provides you with interest and a professional horizon, contributes to expanding social circles and life in the community. And mostly, employment nurtures a positive self-image and self-confidence and can give a new lease on life.

This is exactly why Shavim NGO for occupational rehabilitation was founded. Shavim focuses on and specializes in professional training and finding employment solutions for people with psychiatric disabilities.

We have a wide variety of professional placement avenues:

Benefits of Shavim NGO

The Benefits of Shavim NGO that Contribute to Your Success

End-to-end occupational integration built on a comprehensive array even at the pre-employment stage and up to successful placement in the labor market.

You are always at the center. As experts in occupational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disabilities we do everything to focus on you and your desires, abilities, and preferences.

Seniority and experience. Shavim NGO has been in operation for over 35 years, during which time we have amassed a great deal of experience, knowledge, and have specialized in occupational training and successful integration of people with mental illness in jobs.

Creativity and thinking outside the box. These qualities are some of Shavim NGO’s prominent characteristics and they are also among the main factors for our success.

Commitment to the process. This is an unparalleled important advantage. All of Shavim’s people - whether a social worker, consultant and occupational guide or someone in an administration or headquarters role - are committed to the process under the title: Your success is our success.

How is the process started?

Starting the screening process

We specialize in occupational rehabilitation for people with mental illness, so by law, Shavim is entitled to provide service to those eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services. To commence the process you have to contact any of the bodies that approve eligibility for this basket of services: The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, and the National Insurance Institute.  Once you are deemed eligible, you are welcome to contact us so that we can develop a multi-stage occupational rehabilitation plan for you, which includes:

A short and/or long-term vocational assessment, which is aimed at: providing an evaluation, guidance and expert opinion at committees.

Workshops to teach occupational skills, work habits, and preparing for the work environment in sheltered workshops.

Long-term training, professional training, professional courses and supplemental education.

Placement and finding jobs in the open market or in sheltered employment.

Sheltered and supported employment for people whose situation prevents them from integrating a regular job.

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