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Accessibility Declaration

Last updated: December 7, 2022.

The Shavim NGO is responsible for the operation of the ‘amutatshavim’ website. We regard the provision of an egalitarian service to all citizens and the improvement of the service provided to citizens with disabilities as very important. We invest considerable resources in making our website accessible so that the NGO’s services will be more available to persons with disabilities.

Making the site of the Shavim NGO accessible was intended to make it more available, user-friendly and convenient for the use of persons with special needs that derive, inter alia, from various motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, nearsightedness, blindness, colorblindness or deafness, and for the use of senior citizens.


Level of accessibility

The Shavim NGO adapts the site and its products to the most common web browsers and for use on cellular phones and uses in its tests screen readers of the following types:

For Desktop: Windows + NVDA + Chrome/Firefox                                 

For Mobile: iOS + VoiceOver + Safari

The NGO ensures that its digital assets comply with the requirements of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Modifications for a Service) Regulations, 5773-2013 (hereinafter: ‘the Regulations’), with an AA standard, and it also implements the recommendations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 of the W3C organization.


Amendments and adjustments that were made

The navigation methods on the site are simple and clear.

The site’s content is written in a clear, organized and hierarchical manner. Where necessary, there are explanations next to the content.

The site is modified for viewing with modern web browsers.

Modifying the site for display with a variety of screens and resolutions.

The site’s content is written in simple and clear language.

All the pages on the site have a fixed format.

All the pictures on the site have an alternative textual explanation (alt).

The site allows the font size to be changed by using the Ctrl key and the mouse scroll wheel.

There is no use of moving or blinking text on the site.


Accessibility of the training centers

All of the training centers (with the exception of Haifa - this is something temporary because we are moving from there at the end of the year) are accessible to the disabled and include accessible services.

Handicapped parking - with the exception of Haifa, which is located in the center of a neighborhood, all centers have parking for the disabled if necessary.


It is important to point out that despite our efforts to make all the pages on the site and our other digital assets accessible, there may be parts of functions that have not been made accessible fully or at all.


Contacting us on the subject of accessibility

Accessibility responsible: Adi Alaluf, director of entrepreneurship and occupational integration

Mobile: 052-3370901


If you encounter a problem on the subject of accessibility or one of our products, we shall be pleased to receive comments and requests, by contacting the accessibility responsible Adi Alaluf.

To enable us to deal with the problem as well as possible, we strongly recommend that you include the following details as fully as possible:

  • A description of the problem.

  • What operation you tried to perform.

  • A link to the page on which you were surfing.

  • The type of web browser and its version.

  • The operating system.

  • The type of assistive technology (if you used any).


The Shavim NGO will do everything that it can to make the site optimally accessible and to answer queries in the most professional and timely manner.

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