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Employment initiative - salesperson at a shopping mall
  • The sheltered workshops are complemented by the initiation, development and implementation of professional training tools, such as: establishing an arts center, training to work at sales stands, OJT initiatives, Shavim Plus Guidance Centers that work according to innovative models, and more.

  • Constant development of occupational initiatives meant to expand the array of employment solutions for people with mental illness and the selection of galleries and workplaces in the free market where we would love to see you hired at, sticking with the job and succeeding at it.

Shavim provides occupational training and guidance to a wide array of people with varying degrees of psychiatric disability. Everyone here gets a personalized guidance plan suited to his mental status, skills, abilities and ambitions. But that’s not enough. To achieve optimal results, it’s imperative to operate along two parallel avenues:

Employment initiatives for people with mental illness that will benefit you occupationally and socially

Our advantages

An elderly worker at an employment initiative

Shavim NGO has one advantage that was not measured in numbers, which is actually the foundation for anyone who wants to contribute to a healthy society and to promote issues such as job placement for people with mental illness - unconditional commitment. This holds true for Shavim’s 900 activists. There are also obvious advantages that can be measured and quantified: 35 years of continuous operation, a rich and cumulative experience that enables us to initiate activities and models for unique job placement, encouraging outcomes of hundreds of job placements for people with psychiatric disability each year, and more...

Training Centers

A worker at a training center

The training centers are actually an array of sheltered workshops aimed to pave the way to job placement for people with psychiatric disabilities. This is a supported employment framework aimed to enable you to acquire skills and work habits to later integrate in the free labor market. The sheltered workshops also offer support groups and additional complementary services that broaden your occupational horizon. All this is done while the staff provides guidance and support in group and individual settings to promote the occupational rehabilitation processes of each and every person coping with a mental illness at the center.

Training Courses


Training courses are actually a job placement model for people with psychiatric disability, meant to encourage your advancement using occupational training while working. The service is implemented at Shavim’s service centers and at workplaces in the free market and it includes complete rehabilitative support and guidance in order to help you adjust to the job and stick with it for the long-term. This is an innovative approach that relies on acquiring skills and expertise at the workplace for the purpose of performing the current job independently or to promote you to a higher position.

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