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Who we are

About Shavim NGO for Occupational Rehabilitation

Shavim was founded in 1985 by former employees of the Ministry of Health - executive managers and key people in the rehabilitation industry whose primary desire is to help others. As professionals who specialize in occupational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disability (by virtue of their jobs at the Ministry of Health), it was only natural for them to band together and found Shavim, whose goal is: 

To provide rehabilitation, guidance and professional training services aimed at job placement with the aspiration to enable the person to live a full and meaningful life.

We have three rehabilitation frameworks for an optimal professional match

In order to reach an optimal professional match and a wide array of employment solutions for people coping withpsychiatric disability, the NGO operates in three frameworks:

  • An array of sheltered workshops nation-wide,

  • Nation-wide guidance for people with psychiatric disability in the free labor market,

  • An array of Shavim Plus Guidance Centers

Three occupational rehabilitation frameworks

Worker in sheltered employment

The service is implemented by tens of occupational therapists, social workers, psychotherapists, employment coordinators, and rehabilitation guides. Everyone, without exception, understands that employment is much more than livelihood. An employment framework for people with mental illness is the best way to get back to a normal life, to expand social circles, to improve self-image and confidence, and to feel proud and independent. In order to achieve this, we move forward step by step, like climbing a tall ladder that leads to the free labor market. Here are some of the stages in the process:

Conducting an assessment and identifying vocational capabilities and ambitions developing a personalized occupational rehabilitation plan training to acquire employment skills supplemental education developing employment initiatives and finding employers placement and matching with an employment framework...

The importance of an employment framework for people with mental illness

Our vision

Our vision

Human dignity and freedom

 Placing the person with a mental illness in the center, out of a belief that everyone needs to live their life according to their personal choices and to receive equal opportunities.

Thinking outside the box

Every person coping with a mental illness has their own unique way to succeed. Shavim’s staff never stops being creative in its quest to find the optimal way to promote and integrate each and every person with a mental illness.


Treating the people with mental illness ethically, and working according to their needs and wishes.


Shavim’s staff is first and foremost committed to the people with mental illness, to the job and colleagues, and works to optimally fulfill its commitments.


Continuously working to improve and renew the existing integration services and developing

advanced and innovative services that offer a wide variety of

end-to-end options.

Shavim provides end-to-end employment integration services for people with mental illness who have a physical and/or social limitation, according to its core values:

What is occupational rehabilitation ?

This is a central component in mental health rehabilitation, and in recent years it has been undergoing dramatic changes. The occupational rehabilitation frameworks, including the sheltered ones, are now geared to integrating people with mental illness in the job market, and therefore these frameworks become more involved in Israeli industry. To best prepare the people with mental illness for integration in the labor market, the occupational rehabilitation layout has to operate according to business principles combined with rehabilitative principles.

Our vision Worker in occupational rehabilitation

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