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From the array of employment solutions for people with mental illness that we offer you, we reached the supported employment avenue, which is meant for individuals in the advanced stages of occupational rehabilitation.


This is the highest rung of the job placement ladder, which qualifies you to work in the free labor market, and it includes our guidance and support even after you are hired for a job.


This is in order to ensure that you adjust and persevere for the long-term.   Let us tell you a little secret, but it should stay between us: The one-on-one guidance is for the most part done together with the employment coordinator and a regional professional manager. We understand the sensitive nature of employment for people coping with a psychiatric disability, so the one-on-one guidance will be given discretely, “behind the scenes”, without informing the employer about your mental illness.

Supported employment solutions for people with mental illness


The rights of people with mental illness and supported employment

People who are eligible for supported employment are individuals coping with a psychiatric disability who are in advanced stages of occupational rehabilitation.


The service is for individuals aged 18 and over who are eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services (supported employment) or referred to us from the Ministry of Defense.


From among all the rights that you are entitled to, we will mention a few that pertain to the professional training and guidance, and to your job placement:

✔ A vocational guide that will help you define what field / profession you would like to work in.

✔ Working on social skills

✔ Looking for a job and getting hired

✔ Guidance as you adjust to your new workplace


You’ve received eligibility for a rehabilitation basket of services? Wonderful, we can get started with your occupational guidance process and professional training.  The first stage is getting to know you so we can identify your skills and capabilities, and understand what your ambitions are.


This way we’ll be able to place you in an initial position for a two-month period. Then, after seeing how well you manage and perform, together we will form an occupational rehabilitation plan that will include employment solutions that lean on unique training initiatives and employment initiatives that we develop.


We’ll then continue, along with the close guidance of a personal coordinator and guide, with the aim of progressing from sheltered employment (if that’s the stage you started at) to transitional employment. 

Supported employment rehabilitation basket of services


Our expertise in providing employment solutions for people with mental illness prompts us to continue developing guidance avenues and professional training that are suited to all the different populations that seek our services.


This time we’ll focus on the newest, most exclusive and creative of them all - the Shavim Plus Guidance Centers that operate according to innovative models like the joint decision making model, according to which there is no fixed occupational rehabilitation program, but rather a personalized rehabilitation plan that we develop together with you. And the second is an end-to-end (E2E) service model, where your one-on-one guidance is conducted by one guide, from the very beginning and until you graduate to the free labor market.

Employment initiatives and supported employment

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Information on supported employment by the Ministry of Health - click on the link

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