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Worker on a production line

We live in a dynamic world that is constantly changing the face of the free labor market. Subsequently, employment services in general and devising employment solutions for people with mental illness in particular are constantly being developed with an emphasis on normative employment. There is currently a clear preference for a supported employment model instead of sheltered employment and encouraging people with disabilities to leave the sheltered workshops for the free labor market. On the other hand, this makes it difficult to man the production lines and maintain the required scope of production. This situation required us to rethink our steps and to come up with an innovative program - OJT training courses:

This is job placement that on the one hand enables occupational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disability, and promoting to an employment field that utilizes your abilities, and on the other hand, opens up a training course for an operator job so that the factory can maintain its production capacity.

Training courses - an innovative placement model that prepares you for the free labor market

The dual goal of training centers

The aim of the program is to develop an employment model that will minimize gaps and promote people with mental illness in a training course while working, and concurrently creating balance between work, family and recreation.

The program gives incentive to the factory as an employer to hire people with mental illness while receiving the assistance and guidance of the professional staff that guides and trains the worker for his job.


Who is the service intended for and where?

At first, will be conducted at the Shavim factory in kiryat Byalik. Minimum of 8 contestants and a maximum of 12 contestants in each cohort aged 18 and over are entitled to a rehabilitation basket.

The duration of the service and hours it is given

Your work week as a worker employed at the factory will not exceed 35 hours and will not be under 140 hours per month. The program lasts for 12 months for employees who were deemed suitable for a production line job.

During the first two months of joining the program, we will place an emphasis on becoming familiar with employment, mastering skills, and building a personalized promotion plan based on setting goals and methods.

Salary and wages

During the first two months - the interim period - you will earn 17 NIS per hour until a decision is made regarding an assessment of your employment ability as an employee, according to the rules set forth in the Adjusted Minimum Wage Guidelines.

The end of the program

Concurrent to your employment at the factory, we will continue to implement your professional training according to the personalized training program that we devised together with you. At the end of the employment period - 12 months - the employment coordinator will continue to guide you for three more months to help you find and stick with a job in the free market.

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