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Production line operator training

Production line operator as part of an OJT program

An in-demand profession in the free labor market

This is a program that combines occupational training and working for at least 140 hours per month, at an adjusted minimum wage and for a 12-month period. At the end of the training period, we will take care of integrating you in the free labor market and also continue to guide and assist you to ensure successful and uninterrupted hiring and employment.

Can we fast forward to one year from now? Yes, one year from today. You already have an in-demand profession because you successfully completed one year of occupational training with the close guidance of top guides and professionals. They were the ones to identify your skills and capabilities, to provide you with professional guidance, practical training, and of course they helped, supported and encouraged you in every possible way. This was with one goal in mind - to open up the free labor market to you by giving you the training you need for an in-demand profession, such as a production line operator.

The aim of the program

The aim of the program is to integrate people coping with mental illness in employment in the free market, to provide a professional foundation while working in industry.

The target population

People with psychiatric disability aged 18 and over who are eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services


Training location

Shavim NGO in Beersheba

​​Employment terms
Shavim will employ you as a regular employee for at least 140 hours per month and will pay you an adjusted minimum wage that will be determined by an occupational evaluator of the Ministry of Economy.

Participation in mentorship
During the training process, Shavim will assign a professional team from the Beersheba factory to guide, instruct, support, encourage, and train you to be a production line operator.

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