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employing people with psychiatric disability

Shavim, employing people with psychiatric disability, information for employers

The state tries to encourage the employment of people with disabilities in the free market in several ways. One of the main and more successful ways is occupational training and integrating people with psychiatric disability in the labor market through us at Shavim. The NGO has a great reputation thanks to its professionalism and quality of service given to the workers we train and guide, and to the businesses that have opened their doors to these workers. Shavim operates 10 occupational rehabilitation centers nation-wide, which train hundreds of workers each year for a variety of in-demand jobs, such as: production line operators, salespeople, selectors, packers, and more. Employing these workers through us guarantees you several advantages:

✔ Saving you time and expenses on placement -Firstly and most importantly - there are no placement costs as would be standard with private placement agencies. Secondly, our professional training guarantees you professional and precise placement, saves you training and hiring time, and also prevents high employee turnover.

 ✔ Guidance and expanding professional horizon - We continue to guide the workers

you hired, to deal with challenges, if any such arise, and to help you develop

a healthy relationship with the worker. Moreover, we work on strengthening the workers who you hired and also to expand knowledge and skills using professional training.

 ✔ One-on-one guidance for the employer - Throughout the entire employment period. We are at

your service for telephone guidance and also one-on-one meetings regarding employing workers with disabilities in general or regarding a specific issue with one of the workers employed at you.

 ✔ There is also an image benefit - Employing workers with psychiatric disability makes you part of a large family of social and value-driven employers who get a “business that supports supported employment and social responsibility” badge from us.

And there are other advantages, but before that...

more advantage

An important detail that every employee should know: A law came out in 2014 that requires every organization with over 100 employees to employ at least 3% of employees with disabilities. Aside from abiding by this law, employing workers with a psychiatric disability is an added advantage for the business, beyond those we have already mentioned:


 Adjusted minimum wage - As an employer you can legally pay your worker less than the minimum wage by inviting an assessor from the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, who will determine what the worker’s capabilities are relative to an employee who doesn’t have a disability. For workers whose disability affects their productivity, an adjusted minimum wage will be paid. That way, the social responsibility you exhibited does not harm you as an employer.


✔ Making workplaces accessible - As an NGO that has been guiding people in the field of mental health, we are aware that some of the people under our wing require a longer mentorship when they first start the job, for various reasons.  The state bridges this gap and funds the cost of the mentor so that the worker’s employment does not affect you as an employer.


✔ Government grants - We began the article by saying that the state tries to encourage the employment of people with disabilities in the job market. So, the state periodically gives grants to workplaces that employ workers with disabilities. Only businesses that employ workers with disabilities are eligible for these grants.

Would you like more information? Here you go:

As an NGO that has been in this field for over 35 years, we are very familiar with all the laws and eligibilities that you are entitled to as an employer, and the new regulations. Equipped with all the information out there, we can guide, advise, and assist you to make it easier for you to promote the employment of people with mental illness who we are here to help.

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