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רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור


Occupational training and integration at the factory

What a pleasure...

What a pleasure to meet someone who is being proactive about moving ahead in life, fulfilling his ambitions and utilizing his abilities. Yes, we’re talking about you!!! Looking for information about the occupational center in Haifa may be the first step you take, but for us, it’s a huge leap because you did it on your own and because it was your decision. We definitely have to meet, but until then, here’s the information you wanted about the Haifa center:


The center, which has been in operation for twenty years, is located in a unique and picturesque building at 3 Simtat Atlit Street in Haifa, and it provides rehabilitation services for occupational training and integration for individuals eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services who live in Haifa and the surrounding areas. Through three training courses - sheltered employment, transitional employment, and supported employment - the center puts into practice the goal for which Shavim was founded:

“To train individuals who turn to us for work in the free market, to help them find a job, to guide them when they are just starting out and for as long as necessary, all while teaching life skills that will alleviate their integration and lead to perseverance in the free labor market”.

Every service recipient is assisted by a rehabilitation guide and by a rehabilitation coordinator who work according to the organizational culture that the center has adopted: giving individual service based on values of respect and personal attention, and to do so with integrity, fairness, cooperation and team work. 

Haifa Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration

The various employment options that are available to you here:

Soldering at the electronics factory

The range of jobs and professions that the center offers to those receiving our service is wide and varied. This significantly increases the ability to match the job that best suits the individual’s skills, abilities, and ambitions. Here are a few examples to demonstrate the wide variety on offer:


✔ Preparing kits to test for occult blood for the HMOs

✔ An entire production line to assemble piping for water bars

✔ Soldering electronic cards

✔ Industrial packaging and shrink-wrapping

✔ Preparing industrial blocks

✔ Assembling electricity boxes and child-proof electrical plugs

✔ Preparing gift boxes and various advertising products

And now... How can we help you?

Do you want to know more, to meet with a member of our staff, to come for a tour at the center, to hear first-hand what people for whom we have helped secure a profession and employment have to say? You can contact us:

Address: 3 Simtat Atlit St., Haifa


Telephone: 04-6195320, 04-8642840

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