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One-one-one guidance at Shavim Plus Guidance Center

Shavim Plus Guidance Centers:
Making joint decisions regarding employment

Instead of starting the occupational rehabilitation at a sheltered workshop, we give you the option of joining Shavim Plus. This is not a placement center, but a guidance center that operates according to innovative models:

As the name Shavim Plus Guidance Centers implies, the vocational guidance they provide is above and beyond the standard. Things work differently here. First of all - Of all the employment solutions for people with mental illness, the decisions regarding job placement are made together with you. Second - Instead of a situation where several professionals guide you, each one at a different stage of the training course - here, you receive personalized one-on-one guidance with one guide who follows you through the entire occupational training period. Don’t worry, s/he will still be just as dedicated to helping you. S/he will know when and how to empathize, understand, encourage, support and guide you in the best way possible. And there’s another significant advantage:

The innovative models

The innovative models
Close guidance

The joint decision making model

The word “Shavim” [equals] is the key word here!!! Just as you placed your trust in us, we have complete faith in you. To clarify, let us be more specific: At the Shavim Plus Center, the dialog between the professional and you is based on your trust in the staff, in their professional knowledge, experience, and ability to give you tools to develop and advance your skills. While we have complete faith in you and in your desire to move forward, knowing that you, like others, also have a profession that you worked or specialized in, a life path, capabilities, skills, ambitions and desires. This basic understanding places us both in an equal dialog that enables listening and comprehension, and subsequently, more significant progress for you.

The end-to-end (E2E) service model

This model, like its predecessor, is also innovative in its approach. It doesn’t entail a staff of several professionals where each one guides you at a different stage, but rather one professional will guide you the entire way, to give you the best professional service possible. In basketball it’s called one-on-one, and in professional jargon it’s called a “coach” or a “mentor”. So, from when you start at the Shavim Plus Center and until you get hired at a permanent job, the same professional will guide, support, assist and encourage you. This is a great way to build trust and develop a meaningful, productive, and secure relationship from a professional, emotional and mental aspect.

The work method

One of the prominent innovations in the joint decision making model is that there is no cookie-cutter plan of action. On the contrary, we prefer to give you a professional toolkit and the right guidance, but the decision regarding which tool to use, is yours. 

Workshop at Shavim Plus Guidance Center

The toolkit

The Shavim Plus Center runs different groups that you can join at any time. Your participation in these groups will expose you to an array of professions to choose from and will also enrich your work toolkit during your occupational training as well as when you venture out into the free labor market, and beyond. Here is a list of the topics, which continues to grow over time:

 A workshop on preparing for the workforce

 A workshop on writing a CV

 A workshop on simulating job interviews

 My toolkit - A group where participants share their successes in this process, and what they took away from their experience.

 My strengths - A group that examines each person’s strengths and what added value they bring with them to a job.

 Ongoing support groups

 Guest lectures - Lectures given by the MAOF NGO, exhaustion of rights, working with the National Insurance Institute, the Israeli Employment Service, and more.

 Computer studies - Participants will learn to use computer programs and applications, websites and different media. The lessons are taught by volunteers (practicum or volunteers from the community), and the possibility of collaboration with Nathan Co. will be considered.

 Basic English studies - The lessons are taught by volunteers (practicum or volunteers from the community), and the possibility of collaboration with Nathan Co. will be considered.

 Job search - A Shavim service recipient who is receiving guidance by a professional is welcome to come to the computer class in his free time and use the computers to look for a job. During certain hours in the week, a coordinator will come to the center to help the participants who come to use the computer to look for a job.

And to conclude, participants who will start working in the free labor market will be guided by Shavim’s national layout for guidance and placement.

Active and future branches

Shavim Plus centers are planned to open in every district / region, and there are already a few in operation: The center in Netanya, which will serve people with mental illness who receive services from the Central-Northern district.

The center in Tel Aviv, which will serve people with mental illness who receive services from the Tel Aviv district.

The centers will be open 5 days a week, from 8:00 a.m. until the afternoon hours, and offer a wide variety of activities to choose from and join.

Under construction

Under construction

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