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רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

Occupational Rehabilitation Centers
for people with psychiatric disability

Satisfied employees

This is the worldview of Shavim’s training centers for people with psychiatric disability. Occupational rehabilitation is not only about acquiring a profession, but rather a holistic service that combines guidance and occupational training that is optimally compatible with your capabilities, skills, and ambitions, coupled with providing tools for a normal life in the personal, family, and financial spheres. This is done with the close and personal guidance of the professional teams, with boundless dedication, support, encouragement, and no less importantly - in complete cooperation with you and at your pace. All this and more...


Our ultimate goal is to further increase the number of people with psychiatric disability who work in the free market after completing the occupational training process with us. That’s why we initiate and develop new and creative models that increase the rehabilitation options for the occupational training and integration of our service recipients. These exclusive and innovative initiatives include the establishment of the Shavim Plus Guidance Centers, implementation of the OJT program, which is based on training while working (on-the-job), and as always, we continue to develop employment initiatives and designated in-service training workshops such as: computer studies, sales stands, arts center, and more. These are all implemented by our ten nation-wide training centers. Would you like to continue one step further?

Training centers for people with psychiatric disability

Much more than “just” occupational rehabilitation

We welcome you to receive more information about the rehabilitation center for training and integration nearest you:

What is occupational rehabilitation?

None of us have a guarantee against the upheavals of life. An unplanned event, accident, trauma... All these and more can result in a regression of a person’s functional abilities and to a mental breakdown, inability to hold down a job, or to live a normal life.

The goal of occupational rehabilitation is to help you acquire a profession that is compatible with your capabilities, skills, and ambitions, and to reintroduce you to the workforce and later to open doors to the free market.


The process includes: assessing and identifying your vocational abilities and ambitions, developing a personalized occupational rehabilitation plan, training for employment skills in sheltered workshops, supplemental education, developing employment initiatives, finding employers and continued guidance, support and encouragement to maintain achievements on the job for the long-term...

עובדים בשיקום תעסוקתי

Our advantages

Shavim has numerous and diverse advantages. But before we list some of them, we’d like to stress the humane, and most important advantage of them all: We care. We care about you, we care about Israeli society, it’s important to us to promote the value of equality, and we believe that this is our most important advantage. There are additional advantages our service recipients benefit from:

The benefits of SHAVIM NGO

End-to-end (E2E) service

The occupational rehabilitation here is a comprehensive layout. It starts with the pre-employment process, proceeds to successful placement in the workforce, and later guidance and support to encourage perseverance and employment continuity.



Some say that experience is the best teacher. Well, we have over 35 years of

experience with successfully integrating people with psychiatric disability in the labor market.

Professional experience

Yes, we know, we’ve already mentioned the advantage of experience but this time we’re talking about a different advantage that relies on experience, which is the rich experience of the team of experts who specialize in occupational rehabilitation.


The person coping with mental illness is at the center

We started the advantages section with the declaration that we care about you. This statement is validated by our day-to-day operation: throughout the entire occupational training course, the focus is on you, your desires, capabilities and ambitions.


Success with integration

The results are quick to follow!! Shavim is proud of the high percentage of people with mental illness who integrate in the free market and in leading them to success in numerous life spheres.

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