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Kiryat Bialik Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration
רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

Kiryat Bialik

Kiryat Bialik Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration

Illustration - workers busy with assembling

We’re impressed...

How did you manage to impress us before we’ve even met? Well, visiting the Kiryat Bialik occupational rehabilitation center’s webpage is something that says a lot about you. It may only be a small click but there’s a lot behind it - your willingness to be proactive and look for information to start rebuilding your life, to acquire a profession, to utilize your skills and abilities, and to fulfill your potential. That’s a good enough reason to get a good and optimistic impression about you. Here is some information about us:


The Kiryat Bialik Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration was established in 1987 and it currently provides guidance and training services and integrates around 120 people who are eligible for the rehabilitation basket of services for work in the workforce, from two residential areas:

Haifa district: The Krayot, Haifa, Yokne’am, Tivon, Rechasim and the surrounding areas.

Northern district: Nahariya, Shfar’am, Karmiel, Akko, and the surrounding villages.

The center focuses on transitional employment and supported employment. The professional staff in general, and the placement coordinators in particular, are infinitely dedicated and do everything to support the service recipients throughout the guidance and training process, which includes: help with finding a job, preparing for an interview, writing a CV until the two most important goals are met: finding you a job and guaranteeing perseverance and employment continuity over time.

The various employment options that are available to you here:

Illustration - working with ceramics

The center offers a variety of employment options that make it possible to optimally match between the job requirements and every job candidate’s skills and abilities.  Here are only a few options:

Subcontracting jobs

✔ Paper, plastic and other

✔ Electricity - adhesions, soldering, assembling electrical parts, sorting and packing

Production work

✔ A ceramics department that produces finished products for sale online and at sales stands

✔ Knitting and paper products department that produces knitted products with T-shirt yarn, and paper products like a bottle stand, greeting cards, and more

Sales booths

✔ Located in the BIG complexes and malls, selling ceramics, knitting, and paper products that we manufacture at the center

And now... How can we help you?

Do you want to know more, to meet with a member of our staff, to come for a tour at the center, to hear first-hand what people for whom we have helped secure a profession and employment have to say? You can contact us:              


Website - 

Online shop -

Telephone: 04-6431500 , 048772394

Fax: 04-8763796

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