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באנר שוות- מרכז הכוון לנפגעות טראומה מינית

The Haifa District Shavot Plus Guidance Center for Victims of Sexual Trauma

Shavot Center is a special guidance center for female victims of sexual trauma. This special center was founded out of an understanding that the damage trauma causes manifests in all spheres of life, including the vocational sphere, and this needs to be addressed in a unique manner in a female environment that is equipped to deal with trauma.


The center provides close and professional long-term individual support, a variety of workshops to strengthen vocational and personal skills, immediate and optimal integration at work and/or professional training and support that continues even after the woman has been integrated at work.


Shavot center is based on two main models: A joint decision making model and an end-to-end (E2E) service model.

אילוסטרציה שיחה עם נפגעת טראומה מינית

The Work Method

A prominent innovation in the joint decision making model is that the organized work plan is determined together with you, according to your needs and preferences. We prefer to give you a kit full of professional tools, and professional guidance, but the decision on what tool to use is yours.

The process at the guidance center entails a training period when you work while concurrently taking workshops that are tailored to you.


By the end of the period you already know what type of work is suited to you, and know where you are headed.

Shavot Center operates different groups you can join at any time. Your participation in these groups will expose you to an array of professions to choose from and will also enrich your work toolkit, both during your occupational training and when you venture out into the free labor market, and beyond.

אילוסטרציה קבלת ארגז כלים

Here is a list of the topics, which continues to grow over time:

A workshop on preparing for the workforce

✔ A workshop on writing a CV

✔ A workshop on simulating job interviews

✔ My toolkit - a workshop where participants share their successes with this process with each other, and what each one came away with from the process they went through.

✔ My strengths - a workshop exploring each woman’s strengths and what added value she brings to the workplace.

✔ Emotional regulation tools workshop

✔ Ongoing support workshop

✔ Guest lectures - Lectures given by the MAOF NGO, exhaustion of rights, working with the National Insurance Institute, the Israeli Employment Service, and more.

✔ Computer skills - time slots when one can learn about computer programs and applications, websites, and various media. The studies will be taught by volunteers (practicum or community volunteers).

✔ Job search - A participant who is receiving guidance by a professional is welcome to come and use the computers in her free time to look for a job. Throughout the week there will be time slots when a coordinator will be at the center to help the participants who come to use the computers to look for work, as part of the one-on-one process with them.

And to conclude - Participants who will start working in the free labor market will be guided by Shavim’s national layout for guidance and placement.

Our address: 271 Derech Akko Street, Kiryat Motzkin

The center’s phone number: 04-8264769


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