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באנר מחוז תל אביב

Shavim Plus
Guidance Center

Tel Aviv District 2

Tel Aviv District 2

What makes our center special is the collaboration with employers, which enables customized integration, and the guidance at the center is individualized and focused on the person’s needs in order to strengthen their motivation and vocational capability.

The staff at the center includes Shira Tal, a social worker who is the professional manager at the center, May Katz - a supported employment coordinator who provides guidance at the workplaces and individual guidance at the center, and Liat Eisenberg - an expert in guidance from personal experience.


The center has been operating for over a year and successfully integrates the service recipients in employment, provides emotional support for the process of going out to work, and conducts workshops to reinforce vocational capability, communication skills, and self-management in the workplace.


The employment guidance process enables the service recipients to understand their vocational strengths and employment spheres where they will experience satisfaction and success and thus expand their employment options.

Our address: 18 Hayetsira Street, Ramat Gan

The center’s phone number: 03-6857958

The center’s manager: Shira Tal

Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday, 09:00-14:00

אילוסטרציה - מודל-קבלת-החלטות

Our aim is to give you a toolkit that will enrich you with additional and important knowledge during your occupational training.

To peruse the new models that may help you get ahead and develop with our support

Success stories

With the guidance of the vocational coordinator in the workplace, Yossi learned new tools for coping with difficulties, he decided that he now wants to focus on success in the workplace and to not be preoccupied with other topics that distract him. Now Yossi works 3 days a week and comes to the center once a week for vocational guidance and he participates in workshops to improve occupational and social skills in the workplace.

Michal (pseudonym), a woman in her fifties, came to the center after working at a sheltered workshop for several years. Michal expressed a desire to improve her earning capability and also wanted to get ahead and work in a field she truly liked, the clerical field. Michal works in this field at an adult daycare center, helping with the phones and with bookkeeping. Michal has a great sense of satisfaction and empowerment.

Michal works three times a week and twice a week she comes to the center to work with the computer teacher to improve her computer skills, and she also meets with someone to bolster her self confidence and sense of capability, and benefits from the guidance and encouragement of the employment coordinator.

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