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Shavim, which has been in operation for over 35 years, is headed by people who only want to help others. These people specialize in occupational rehabilitation for people with psychiatric disability and filled senior positions at the Ministry of Health, so it’s no wonder that they are currently the ones running Shavim NGO. Shavim’s management is comprised of two management bodies: The general assembly and the NGO headquarters - and it operates as follows:


The members of the general assembly act as members of the Board of Directors that heads the organization and makes the big decisions - developing occupational rehabilitation avenues, organizing and allocating budgets, the NGO’s future directions, and other decisions at the strategic level. The job of the NGO headquarters is to implement decisions made by the general assembly (the Board of Directors) and to put them into practice, and to ensure the day-to-day running of the NGO. Here is a list of the headquarters members and members of the general assembly:

Members of the General Assembly

1. Ms. Bracha Lenga-Engelard - Chairperson

2. Attorney Israel Chayut - Treasurer

3. Ms. Shulamit Shlezinger

4. Ms. Yona Shenhav

5. Ms. Bela Ritzer

6. Mr. Yehonatan Vale

7. Mr. Moti Kramer

8. Mr. Mark Babot

9. Mr. Rudy Baruch

The NGO Headquarters

1. Mr. Yakov Portnoy - CEO

2. Ms. Pnina Ashkenazi - Payroll Accountant

   and Chief Bookkeeping Manager

3. Ms. Yael Petito - National Professional Manager

4. Ms. Adi Alaluf - Manager of Guidance

   in the Free Market and Entreprenuership

5. Ms. Mira Brom - Administrative Assistant

   and Manpower Coordinator

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