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Occupational rehabilitation for Haredi women
רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

We have employment solutions for Haredi women with mental illness

Occupational rehabilitation for Haredi women

Occupational rehabilitation for Haredi women with psychiatric disability

Occupational rehabilitation for individuals coping with psychiatric disability requires 100% sensitivity, consideration and patience. Especially when these individuals are Haredi women. This requires a double dose of sensitivity, understanding and consideration. The Haredi population in Israel has several unique characteristics: where they live, their lifestyle, their day-to-day conduct, and these all have a direct impact on the employment aspect as well. Moreover, studies have shown that most people with psychiatric disability in the Haredi sector cope with their condition on their own. All of these unique characteristics have led to us develop a unique occupational rehabilitation program for Haredi women that is compatible with the values of the Haredi population.

The Aim of the Program

The aim of the program for Haredi women

To make it possible for every Haredi woman to find her way in the workplace, to identify her strengths and to give meaning, content and hope for a normal life. The program offers a wide variety of workshops aimed at teaching you skills and work habits so you can integrate in the free labor market. The occupational training program is unique in its high sensitivity to the needs of Haredi women. This trait manifests, for example, in support being given exclusively by professional women. The staff includes a social worker, rehabilitation guide (a Haredi woman!) and an employment coordinator for the free market. The program puts an emphasis on adapting the activity, coordinating and guiding the family, and involvement of the rabbis in the rehabilitation process. At this stage, the program is implemented at Shavim’s sheltered workshop in Haifa.

Women from the Haredi sector who are eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services, who are interested in occupational rehabilitation services via sheltered workshops, and later, guidance in transitional employment and then to a stage of supported employment in the free market.  Admission to the program is done in three stages:

Stage 1 - Recognition of 40% psychiatric disability from the National Insurance Institute

Stage 2 - Contacting the regional committee to receive eligibility for a rehabilitation basket of services

Stage 3 - Contacting the Shavim workshop in Haifa

Who is eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services

Who is eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services at Shavim?

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