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רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

Kiryat Gat

Kiryat Gat Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration

Illustration - a worker in occupational rehabilitation at Kiryat Gat

The center moved to our new address around two years ago and it has been a real upgrade for the center, with a much larger infrastructure than our previous location. The move to the Kiryat Gat industrial area has also opened up an abundance of opportunities to create working relationships and conduct a larger scope of subcontracting work with neighboring factories, companies, and organizations. We can now serve more people with psychiatric disability and to more precisely match their skills and abilities to a wider range of professions.      


The center focuses on manufacturing tissue paper for several different businesses, factories and institutions. The center also operates a subcontracting department to conduct work for a variety of industries according to the customer type and demand. The guidance center currently provides training and occupational rehabilitation for around 60 people like you, who have chosen to acquire tools to rebuild their lives and embark on a path of independence.

The center in Kiryat Gat operates transportation services and hires people with psychiatric disability from the following areas: Kiryat Gat, Ashkelon, Sderot, Kiryat Malakhi, moshavim and kibbutzim in the Lachish area. In addition to the sheltered employment service, the center provides preparation, guidance, and placement in the free market services.


All the professional staff members at the center work are dedicated to providing individual support to each person, to motivate him to come to work, to foster a sense of protection and a safe and supportive work environment. All while ensuring normal behavioral and work norms are carried out in order to fulfill each job candidate’s potential, while maximizing the factory’s financial potential.

All the power to you...

What for? For the fact that you are checking details about the occupational center in Kiryat Gat, which says a lot of good things about you and indicates your desire to acquire skills that will help you to rebuild your life. We realize that looking at a website doesn’t require a great deal of physical effort but it definitely requires a mental effort and overcoming certain obstacles. Which is why we say “all the power to you”.  Obviously nothing beats meeting face to face, but until that happens, here are a few details about the occupational center in Kiryat Gat:

And now... How can we help you?

Do you want to know more, to meet with a member of our staff, to come for a tour at the center, to hear first-hand what people for whom we have helped secure a profession and employment have

to say? You can contact us:

Tel: 08-6603385

Fax: 08-6812098

Address: 7 Habonim Street, Kiryat Gat Industrial Area

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