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Supported employment rehabilitation basket of services for people with mental illness

From among the variety of spheres the rehabilitation basket of services is meant to help you with - housing, education, leisure and social... - Shavim specializes in employment solutions for people with mental illness, from the basic stage of sheltered employment, to an intermediate stage of transitional employment, until the highest stage of supported employment, and even after that.

This is the final stage in the job placement process aimed to train you for the free labor market, and it includes our guidance and support even after you are hired for a job. This is in order to ensure that you adjust and persevere for the long-term.  

Who is eligible for a supported employment rehabilitation basket of services

People with mental illness and psychiatric disability that are in advanced professional rehabilitation processes and who have received eligibility for a rehabilitation basket of services or are referred to us by the Ministry of Defense, can join the supported employment track. From among all the rights (rights for people with mental illness as part of the rehabilitation basket of services) that you are entitled to, this time we will focus on employment terms. Your employment will be gradual until you reach a threshold of at least 5-6 hours of work per day. At first the salary will be minimum wage or adjusted minimum wage. In both cases, regular employer-employee relations will apply, including...

An adult employee who is eligible for supported employment rehabilitation basket of services

OJT initiatives

Let us first clarify what training initiatives we are talking about. OJT is an acronym for On the Job, simply meaning, professional training that is given while working. In the context of supported employment rehabilitation basket of services in general and supported employment for people with mental illness in particular, we adopted and adjusted the model to develop a special training avenue for anyone found eligible with regards to the psychiatric willingness, the capabilities and skills to make initial strides in the free labor market. All this is done with the close guidance of a personal guide...

OJT - working in an enterprise

מיזמים תעסוקתיים ותעסוקה נתמכת

מתוקף התמחותנו והתמקדותנו במתן פתרונות תעסוקה למתמודדי נפש,  אנחנו מקפידים להמשיך ולפתח ערוצי הכוונה והכשרה מקצועית בהתאמה לכל סוגי הקהלים הפונים אלינו. הפעם נתמקד בחדש, הבלעדי והיצירתי מבין כולם -  מרכזי הכוון "שווים פלוס" הפועלים על פי על מודלים חדשניים כמו מודל קבלת החלטות משותפות במסגרתו אין תוכנית שיקום תעסוקתי קבועה מראש אלא התאמת מסלול השיקום בשיתוף מלא שלך. והשני,  מודל שירות מקצה אל קצה במסגרתו הליווי האישי נעשה ע"י מלווה אחד כבר מהצעד הראשון ועד ליציאתך לשוק העבודה החופשי.

Working in an employment initiative - supported employment

רוצים לקבל מידע על תעסוקה נתמכת משרד הביטחון - לחצו על הקישור


מידע על תעסוקה נתמכת משרד הבריאות- לחצו על הקישור

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