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באנר מרכז אומנויות

Kiryat Motzkin Arts Training Center

The Arts Center - Where Our Artists Feel at Home

The array of services that Shavim offers continues to expand and we are now pleased to announce our new Arts Center for people coping with emotional and psychiatric difficulties, whose art is also their craft, profession, or main occupation.

The Arts Center is were our artists can:

  • Create their works of art (sculpt... draw... potter... weave...)

  • Collaborate with other artists: To create works of art, set up joint exhibits, share knowledge and ideas, learn new artistic techniques

  • Have an artistic platform to exhibit, market, or sell works of art to the general public

עבודת בקרמיקה במרכז אומנויות
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We’re With You All the Way

The Arts Center is run by an experienced professional who facilitates the rehabilitation processes at Shavim. She has a team of instructors who all have some artistic background and who share their personal knowledge and experience to give guidance, professional instruction, support, and consultation. This and more, the Arts Center intends to host guest lecturers - renowned artists in their field - for meetings, lectures, enrichment on different schools of thought in the arts, displaying and analyzing works of art, artistic development, sales and customer service course, communication skills workshop, and more.

Community Involvement is a Great Blessing

Beyond the individual artistic development, the Arts Center is planning to conduct joint projects with our artists and the community. This can be in collaboration with the municipal authority or any other interested entity. For example, we would like to recruit all the artists to go out and give their touch to street art - like sculptures on sidewalks, drawings on walls and buildings, etc. This contribution not only improves appearance and adds color to community life, it’s also advertising for the artists and, on a personal level, it uplifts and feels good.

Our address: 271 Derech Akko Street, Kiryat Motzkin

The center’s phone number: 04-8264769

Hours of operation: Sunday-Thursday during the day

Do you want more information about the Arts Center?

Do you want to meet in person?
Feel free to call 03-5502932 

Or send an email

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