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The Art of Selling

Salesperson at a sales booth at a mall

Sales booths Job placement program for an in-demand profession: The art of selling!

Managing sales booths as well as the actual act of selling are a broad field that opens a lot of doors for you for numerous jobs in the free market. This is an in-demand profession with numerous and diverse branches, which prompted us to open the training program to operate sales booths as part of employment solutions for people with mental illness. This is an occupational rehabilitation framework that operates sales stands at commercial and shopping centers to market and sell the products that are made by the individuals with mental illness at the arts center that we run. Sound like it might suit you? Are you interested? Would you like to know more? Here you go:

The target population and the aim of the program:

Sales booth operator

The program is designed for people with mental illness who are eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services. Eligible candidates for the program will be selected together with the rehabilitation basket of services coordinators in the Haifa and Northern districts and the professional staff in the rehabilitation frameworks.

The aim of the program is to provide you with practical and professional tools while promoting and developing sales skills and functional and social skills. This is undoubtedly a significant step in promoting optimal integration in free market jobs and in a normal life.

Important information:


✔ The initiative includes a training course on the art of selling, which will be given in 8 sessions of 4 academic hours for a total of 32 academic hours.


✔ The teaching method will be based on hands-on learning and practical experience of each participant at the sales stands at the shopping centers in order to internalize the concepts learned.


✔ The training will be adapted to the pace of the participants in the course and will contain practical training of sales situations, use of strategies, sales skills and advanced negotiations tactics via simulations, video clips, closed circuit video cameras, and more.


✔ Through the content learned in the training and the practical training, rehabilitation goals such as the following are achieved: increasing a sense of individual capability, developing responsibility and independence at work, improving communication skills, and more.


✔ The course participants will be granted a diploma by the institution, which is a competitive advantage over other sales job candidates.


✔ At the end of the course the graduates will get help integrating in sales jobs, including prolonged and intensive guidance, transitional/supported employment.

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