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Beersheba Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration banner
רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור


Illustration - a worker in occupational rehabilitation

Beersheba Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration

Thank you...

Thank you for choosing to visit us through the site. Needless to say, we’d love to meet you at the Beersheba Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration. The fact that you searched for information about the Beersheba center is encouraging, because it indicates your desire to move forward, to open a door to a life of independence. Willpower is the fuel that propels your occupational training and direction process. So, until we meet... Here is some information about us:


Shavim, which offers occupational training for people with psychiatric disabilities, established the training center in Beersheba in 1987. Since then, the center has been open to anyone who wants to work, move forward and get employment training. Our goal is to teach work habits and skills to people coping with a psychiatric disability. To empower their sense of self-worth and society’s need to recognize them as equals. The center’s goal is to serve people with mental illness who are residents of Beersheba and the surrounding towns and villages, on condition that they are eligible for a rehabilitation basket of services.

The various employment options that are available to you here:

Illustration - a worker at the toilet paper factory

The training center offers a variety of jobs at different degrees of difficulty:

✔ Production line operators for toilet paper and degradable products for the kitchen

✔ Working with sewing machines

✔ Subcontracting jobs (adhesion, folding, sorting, packing, and more)

The center enables occupational activity six days a week. Work hours - minimum 4 hours, maximum 8 hours. You can choose, to work in one of two shifts per day - morning or afternoon shift.

From among the occupational training courses, we’d like to highlight the OJT course, which is unique to the Beersheba center. This is an innovative placement model that prepares you for the free labor market. You can read more about it here.

OJT placement center.

And now... How can we help you?

Do you want to know more, to meet with a member of our staff, to come for a tour at the center, to hear first-hand what people for whom we have helped secure a profession and employment have to say? You can contact us:


Address: 7 Yehuda Hanachtom St., Industrial Area, Beersheba

Tel: 08-6232510   

Fax: 08-6233052


The staff:

Factory manager: Haim Pinto,

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