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באנר סל שיקום תעסוקה מוגנת
רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

Rehabilitation Basket

ועדת סל שיקום תעסוקה מוגנת

Sheltered employment rehabilitation basket of services for people with mental illness

Rehabilitation basket of services Sheltered employment is meant to help people with psychiatric disability who are eligible to contact us to find the most suitable occupational framework for them.

As part of the rehabilitation basket of services, Shavim offers various training options.

This is where we enter the picture with a wide variety of employment solutions for people with psychiatric disabilities that include sheltered workshops, training initiatives and various employment initiatives.

It’s important to understand that every person with a mental illness is coping with their own degree of difficulty and they are equipped with a set of skills and abilities that are unique to them. This is why we provide one-on-one guidance and direct close contact, which helps us to find you suitable employment and to help you advance through the stages until you reach vocational freedom.


The terms rehabilitation basket of services and sheltered employment for people with mental illness are intertwined since without eligibility for arehabilitation basket of services it is not possible to join our array of sheltered workshops and the occupational training courses.Have you contacted a rehabilitation basket of services committee yet? You’ve received eligibility? All the power to you for the effort. As far as we’re concerned, anyone who wants to receive eligibility is basically stating that they want to move forward, to return to the free labor market and to independent functioning as much as possible.

What is sheltered employment?


There are a few different occupational guidance and professional training platforms. The most basic of these is sheltered employment. This is the first stage of occupational rehabilitation for people with mental illness, which is implemented through the nation-wide array of Shavim’s sheltered workshops. This is also the stage that enables us to get to know you better on a personal level, to get an in-depth understanding of your employment background and to identify your skills and abilities. Your success is through close guidance and cooperation with us...

תמונה של מתמודד נפש מבוגר

The rehabilitation basket of services for people with mental illness pertains to almost all spheres of life, such as: housing, education, social life and employment. With regards to employment, we’ll give you a variety of occupational guidance programs, from integration in sheltered workshops, and to the final stages of graduating to the free labor market by means of: professional training initiatives, close guidance and assistance of experienced professionals, occupational integration in organizations and jobs (not sheltered) that collaborate with the employment initiatives that we develop, and more...

The rights of people with mental illness and sheltered employment

Shavim Guidance Plus Centers

ועדת ייעוץ מרכזי הכוון שווים פלוס

The Shavim Plus Guidance Centers are one of our exclusive initiatives that is based on innovative and creative models, such as:

The togetherness model - With this model, there are no predetermined occupational rehabilitation plans for people with mental illness, like the ones defined in the rehabilitation basket of services: sheltered, transitional or supported employment. The togetherness model is developed jointly with you and entails your complete involvement, to give you a personalized rehabilitation plan.

The one-on-one model - Unlike transitional employment, where several professionals guide you, each at a different stage, here, your guidance is conducted by one guide, from the very beginning and until you graduate to the free labor market.

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