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Kiryat Shmona Rehabilitation Center banner
רקע לבן מתחת לטקסט שחור

Kiryat Shmona

Illustration - Occupational rehabilitation at Kiryat Shmona

Good for you...

The fact that you took the time to read about the Kiryat Shmona Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration makes us very happy because it reflects your desire to move forward, acquire a profession or vocational direction and to embark on an independent life.

Shavim, which offers occupational training for people with psychiatric disabilities, has been running the training center in Kiryat Shmona since 1996. The center is open and welcomes you and anyone who wants to work, to move forward and get employment training. In fact, the center can be compared to a type of occupational and social anchor for people seeking its services from towns and villages in the Upper Galilee, Metula, the Druze villages in the Golan Heights in the north and down to Safed in the south.

The meaning of the NGO’s name - Shavim [equals] - gets its truest expression when you meet the permanent employees: Jews, Druze, Christians and Moslems, residents of cities, villages, moshavim and kibbutzim, women and men, young and old. Everyone does their job, either simple or complex, according to their capabilities and inclinations.

Kiryat Shmona Rehabilitation Center for Vocational Training and Integration

The various employment options that are available to you here:

Computer training

✔ Working on a production line for automatic faucets

✔ Sales booths

✔ Arts and crafts

✔ Computer training, and more

The center is located in the heart of the industrial area and is recognized by factories from numerous industries in the Galilee. As such, it also helps people coping with mental illness find employment in the free market in diverse jobs in the area - the hotel industry, industrial factories, agriculture, the food industry, electronics, and actually any industry that the person is interested in.

And now... How can we help you?

Do you want to know more, to meet with a member of our staff, to come for a tour at the center, to hear first-hand what people for whom we have helped secure a profession and employment have to say? You call us:

Telephone number: 04-6905898

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